Father's Day

My wife and I may not have any kids of our own, but we are blessed enough to have quite a few Godchildren… 20 to be exact.  While I may not always give them the time they deserve, I try to make the best of of the time I do spend with them.  So on this Father's Day... I say thank you to my Godchildren... 

You allow me to pretend I'm getting chased by aliens.
You allow me to play hide-and-go-seek.
You allow me to dance like a Robot.
You allow me to belay you on a rock wall.
You allow me to see listen to your problems.
You allow me to act just plain silly.
But most of all You allow me to be a part of your life.

Happy Father's Day to all biological, adoptive, foster, and spiritual dads!  Shout out to my super cool Dad and Father-in-law... thank you for always being there for me and Abby.


papa greg

papa nonnong

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