Holy Thursday revisited

1 year later… same prayer…

well.. a little different.

This past Holy Thursday I found myself in the same position as last year. Only this time when i knelt in front of the Blessed Sacrament during holy hours, I could not get up.

For some reason I felt that if I could just stay on my knees a bit longer, I could prove to God that I loved Him. That my kneeling for more than an hour would some how convince him to say, "Yes you will be a father.' Or perhaps he would even send down the Angel Gabriel to announce that we are with child.

No matter how much I pleaded, begged, and commanded God to provide me with that providential sign, I knew it was futile. Things do not work this way with God… well at least the God I have grown to know. He is a God of patience and trust. Maybe our purpose is to not be parents… maybe the only sacraments we will witness is that of our God-Children.. and not our own biological children. What ever that purpose is… there is only one prayer i need to remember…

Thy will be done.

After all… He died for us… the least we can do is to LIVE for Him.

NOTE: This entry is not an cry for pity… that is the last thing Abby and I want. Rather, let this be a request for prayers. A request that each person that reads this prays for all infertile couples… that they understand and are able to accept God's plans for them. That we are able to be examples of how to live out a blessed life and understanding.

Washing of the feet at Holy Thursday... everyone got their feet washed!


My Beautiful wife..

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