Mt Whitney

Dear Abby,

I am writing you this letter as I head back home from my summit of Mt. Whitney... the highest peak in all the lower 48 states... 14,508 ft in elevation. I started this journey in the hopes of pushing myself physically and mentally. And while that did happen... God had other plans. During our stay at Horseshoe Meadows acclimating I couldn't help but think about the amount of preparation it took for me to make it through this hike. All the countless early morning practice hikes. All the used gear sales at REI to secure the equipment I needed for the trip. All this to just step on top of a big rock?!? It all just pales in comparison to the trip we are planning together... parenthood.

I know that we are preparing everything in the manner that God wants us to. Practicing natural family planning with napro technology, our everyday use of SPICE, and prayer with the blessed sacrament. I am now reading this book called "True Devotion to Mary" by Saint Louis-Marie Grignon De Montfort. I have only finished the first chapter, but I can already tell that this guide will prepare us for our summit. If JPII and a number of other popes held this book in high regard... then I figure it is worth our time.

Here's to reaching our summit... Mt. Family.

See you in a 30 minutes (depending on the traffic on the 405)...

Love your husband ,
Mark Anthony




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